University Classroom

Using v0.18b2 we were able to build this University Classroom / Lecture Hall in about 2-3 hours. It showcases how powerful Chaarmi is and brings together a great example of an Educational space using Chaarmi.

Fully ready for multi-users (Based on your edition of Chaarmi) and even works in VR using Oculus Quest 2!

A lot of the time that was spent was in trying to find a skybox lol! Was a fun experience to put together 🙂

Destination Wedding (Testing Hybrid Events)

Using v0.18b1 we were able to test a Destination Wedding plot. The plot itself took the team around only 15 minutes to build and was fully functional with On-Site live video feed system which allows for users to send Emoji’s and Text to the people who are LIVE in a physical event. At the same time those at the event in person can look into the Metaverse Galaxy and see the users in there.

It’s a great example of Hybrid style events and allows for people to feel like they are a part of the experience. The voice system has some bugs (As you can hear in the video) but will be addressed in a future update as we continue to push forward development.

Rose Picnic for Web3TO

Chaarmi helped the team at Web3TO put together an NFT Art Gallery for the Rose Picnic event in Toronto, Canada. We had several NFT Artists showcase their work and it was our first time putting together an experience.

Being amongst our early first projects it took our team about 2 Days to put together, but we were determined to reduce this time down considerably!

The early beta edition of Chaarmi was used to create this experience which worked on PC/Mac via Google Chrome and even in VR Oculus Quest 2.