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Self-Hosted Setup Guide

Chaarmi Worlds Installation
If you want our team to setup the system our setup fee is $300 USD and takes between 1-2 hours.
Please visit our website or email us to book an appointment and we would be happy to set you up.

Note: This set of steps is ONLY if you have already done an installation of Chaarmi on your server before!
1. Make a BACKUP of your server files (Backup your MySQL Database via PHPMyAdmin or other method and Backup your frontend files before upgrade)
2. Go to your webserver and delete ALL files in the main site only (Refere to MainWebFolder to see what files you will be replacing)
3. Copy and paste the MainWebFolder contents over
4. You should be up and running (The data and system is all in your database, the rest should work)

1. Please make sure you have setup a web server with the following =>
-A SUBDOMAIN on an SSL HTTPS connection with the term metaverse:
-MySQL (Obtain the credentials => Username, Password, main DB Name)
-Follow the Chaarmi Database Setup file to setup your Database Tables
2. Locate your HTTP or Web folder, make sure it is empty and copy all the files in the MainWebFolder to that folder
3. Outside your HTTP or Web folder copy over the SendGrid folder and make sure it is named SendGrid
4. Open up the db_connect_info folder on your computer system before uploading and edit the db.php file. Specifically you will need the following values:
-Edit the first line and put Your database Username, Password and Database Name which you obtained earlier
-Generate a random key of 10 characters using only letters and numbers
-Generate a random key of 18 characters using only letters and numbers
-Visit SendGrid ( and generate a new key by going to the settings=>api section and then creating a new key. Make sure the key is for Mail only.
-Visit Photon ( and generate two keys, one for Photon Realtime and one for Photon Voice. Place those keys there.
-Await your Chaarmi License Key (It should arrive in your email after you make your first payment from It can take our team up to 24-48 hours
after your payment to generate the key, please be patient.
5. Upload the entire db_connect_info folder outside the HTTP or Web folder
6. Setup your ADMIN user by opening up the MainWebFolder/my-admin/aes_generator_temp.php file and comment out and edit the echo line.
7. Upload this temp file to your my-admin section and visit it in the browser https://metaverse.YOUR_DOMAIN.EXT/my-admin/aes_generator_temp.php and
then copy the resulting SQL statement.
8. Open your PHPMyAdmin console and in the SQL command tab paste the command and run it to generate your admin user
NOTE: You can always use the file to manually add in various users or items in the database as the database is encrypted. DO NOT LOSE YOUR
db.php FILE OR KEY INFORMATION!! WITHOUT IT YOU CAN NEVER RECOVER YOUR DATABASE DATA!!!! Also keep it secret because if others have access to it
they could in theory break your database and read everything inside it. This is why its kept outside the main folder so only YOU have access to it.
9. Once you get everything setup you should be able to visit https://metaverse.YOUR_DOMAIN.EXT and have a working experience base. Now go to the
next part and create your first plot of land!

1. Visit https://metaverse.YOUR_DOMAIN.EXT/my-admin/
2. Login with the new admin user you created
3. In the view you should see your metaverse stats and at the top menu select Plots
4. Enter the plot name => genesis (all in lowercase)
5. On the left side you should see your new plot, click on it and let Chaarmi Worlds load
6. Design your plot of land by simply grabbing objects from the list and throwing them in. Hit save!
7. Now test out your land by visiting https://metaverse.YOUR_DOMAIN.EXT (This will always load the genesis plot as genesis is a specific key in the system)
8. To load ADDITIONAL plots directly you can use the following format =>

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now ready to build out your own Chaarmi Metaverse Worlds and Galaxies!

What amazing Chaarmi Worlds will you create?

Feel free to share interesting plots of land via the community discord, we’re always looking for amazing creations! (Just copy your plot
strings for those of you willing to share).


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